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Vicki Lightcap


  • Generated a United States Patent Application to completion for a product produced by our manufacturing company. The product allowed competition archers to have a more accurate shot due to improved archery rest that can be dialed in for the shot.
  • Wrote white papers on the processes and product of our manufacturing business.
  • As mayor and a founding member of a drug task force that was later named “Project Live”. The families of the community were being devastated as the children were dying from an opioid overdose. I worked closely with a member of the Pennsburg police department (at the time also worked with County Drug Task Force) to create a first-time offender program to help get them clean before their trial and give them a second chance. We worked with local Magisterial District Justice, medical facilities and their families to put offenders into the recovery system instead of the justice system. Also continuing education of the public and removing the veil of drug addiction is still accomplished by being inclusive with all stakeholders of the area to make this a success.
  • As a member and then Mayor of the Upper Perkiomen Domestic Violence Task Force, a proclamation was written to educate the public and celebrate the UPDVT on the services it provides to the victims and children of Domestic Violence. Plus, under my tender as Chairman supported legislation to help the victims heal and save the taxpayers dollars by increasing the time in between parole hearings for the most heinous crimes against a victim, from 1 year to 3 years. Plus invited the author and victim of the legislation to attend events in promotion of her legislation to grow support.
  • As Mayor saw the importance of our youth to experience and feel comfortable with the local government. So initiated programs with the support of the public and private school systems. The first was to create the first Junior Council Person for the borough and invited students to attend meetings to create interest. The second was having student or youth groups in the community experience local level government by running a mock council meeting where they had to decide on an issue as an interactive conversation with the audience as the public for and against the issue. The conversation after proved they were engaged in their community and gained a greater understanding of how tough making decisions can be when considering all the stakeholders involved and its costs both in money and passion.